This course is designed to give you a good understanding of strategic digital business thinking for start-ups and bricks and mortar corporations (bricks and clicks businesses). It will cover digital business strategy formulation and implementation of programs to meet with the needs of the customers, while achieving the business objectives. The focus will be on understanding of the basic digital business concepts and frameworks and application of the concepts in the form of case analysis, discussion of real-world examples, and development and presentation of digital business ideas and plans. The course will emphasize the following key elements: 1. Strategic analysis of digital business opportunities: Issues of focal concern include analysis of the e-business space including markets, business models, company, competitors and customers, segmentation analysis, target segment selection, and product positioning. 2. Digital business steps: The important elements include digital business vision, digital strategy, digital business model, marketing, and organization in the digital environment. 3. Digital business plan: This includes the process of writing and presenting a business plan for a digital business venture. It involves your team coming up with a digital business idea or concept, writing and presenting a detailed business plan based on that concept. The course will also highlight special topics in marketing such as B2B, B2C and wireless in the form of cases and several industry examples. An innovative feature of this intensive course is a presentation of your business plan summary to venture capitalist(s) and to other digital business experts and an ability to receive feedback from them.

Digital Business Strategy SYLLABUS Winter 2003