This course is designed to give you a good understanding of how marketers evaluate, develop, and implement marketing strategies and programs in the international context, to meet with the needs of their customers while achieving their business objectives. It will enhance the skills you may have developed in earlier marketing course(s) by emphasizing their application in an international context. The course is designed for students who expect to undertake international marketing assignments, work for multinational corporations, or help smaller companies expand internationally. The focus will be on understanding of international marketing concepts and application of the concepts in the form of case analysis, discussion of real-world examples, and development and presentation of an international marketing plan.  The course will emphasize the following key elements: 1. International Marketing Environment:  The focal concern is the impact of external forces that shape marketing decisions, i.e., economic, cultural, legal, and political environments; 2.  International Marketing Strategy:  The important elements include international market evaluation, market entry, and market development strategies; and 3. International Marketing Mix:  This section will cover analysis of the key elements of marketing mix such as product, price, place, and promotion to make appropriate decisions in the international context. The course will cover the different international regions such as Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America and North America.  It will also cover a gamut of industries ranging from food to software.  In addition, the students can pick an industry and international region of choice for their final project.  The major emphasis of the course will be on application of the relevant marketing tools to international marketing decisions.  Financial analysis of marketing decisions will be stressed.