Russell_Ratneshwar_- Shankar_MLetters_1999

by Gary J. Russsell, S. Ratneshwar, Allan D. Shocker, David Bell, Anand Bodapati, Alex Degeratu, Lutz Hildenbrandt, Namwoon Kim, S. Ramaswami, and Venkatesh Shankar

This aricle was published in Marketing Letters, 10 (3, 1999), 319-332.

In many purhcase environments, consumers use information from a number of product categories prior to making a decision. These purchase siuaions create dependences in choice outcomes across categories. As such, these decisions cannot be modeled using a single-category, single-choice paradigm commonly used by researchers in marketing. We outline a conceptual framework for categorization, and then discuss three types of cross-category dependence: cross-category consideration, cross-category learning, and product bundling. We argue that the key modeling choice dependence across categories is knowledge of the goals driving consumer behavior.