by Venkatesh Shankar, Tony O’Driscoll, and David Reibstein

This article was published in Strategy+Business, 31 (Summer 2003), 68-77.

We suggest a strategic approach and offer examples of firms successfully using m-business can provide an understanding how mobile technology will impact a firm’s business model and organization. An understanding of where monies are being spent in m-business in the industry as well as in complementary and competitive industries may be valuable as mobile technology’s core value proposition of anything, anywhere, anytime is hacking at the root of the industry-segmented mental model. The future opportunity for m-business truly lies in the cross-industry context rather than within the context of any given industry. Cultivation of the capability to recognize and act upon cross-industry value networks aimed at constantly enhancing customer value may the hallmark of successful firms in the wireless world. While firms need to grab the low-hanging fruits of wireless now, they also should look at changing the ways of doing business in the future mobile environment characterized by cross-industry coordinated value bundles for customers.