Fascinating global trends and 2050 projections on aging, automation, food security, unions, market cap by Merrill Lynch  

According to the report, in 1995, only 1% of global population had internet access; today, 40% has; aging and longevity issues of China and India will dominate those of the U.S. by 2050; in the past decade, industrial robots have grown by 72% when U.S. workforce has shrunk by 16%; water and food shortages could be key future issues; and the U.S. still tops the world in market capitalization with a 52% share ($20 trillion).

While we all know that China and India will have more people and larger economies in the future, technology domination (e.g., internet based interventions, robot usage) and food security issues are key unknowns to watch out for. How will these all lead to the valuation of firms in 2050? Which type of firms will be the most valuable firms? Energy companies? Technology firms? Food management organizations? Which country is best positioned to host these firms? Will the U.S. continue to lead the world in this regard? These are exciting questions for which the answers will slowly unfold as we move forward.