Book Review: Cutting Edge: Gillette’s Journey to Global Leadership
Author: Gordon McKibben

This book documents the story of Gillette, one of the most successful global consumer packaged good companies that is well known for product innovation. It offers insights on the innovation, acquisition, and global strategies of Gillette.  It is chronologically well organized and is filled with interesting examples and facts, as can be expected from its journalist author, Gordon McKibben. A few limitations apart, the book offers important lessons for managers.   First, it is possible to succeed through greater focus on quality and innovation over price leadership.  Second, having a global vision for a new product may be the key to long-term leadership.  Finally, successful growth strategy involves pursuing a combination of acquisition and home-grown innovation.

The detailed review was published in Journal of Product and Innovation Management – Reviews Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Business Marketing NO 4 .

Cutting Edge: Gillette’s Journey to Global Leadership