The objectives of the course are to review the foundations, major contributions, and recent developments in marketing models, to develop the abilities to understand, formulate, and critique marketing models, and to enable the creation of a research proposal involving marketing models. This seminar will review the foundations, major contributions and recent developments in marketing models. The emphasis will be on foundations of modeling and the most recent developments in research using marketing models. We will examine commonly used models in marketing, as well as emerging ones, and discuss their principles and implications. This review and discussion will provide participants with new ways to think about modeling marketing phenomena. In addition, a principal purpose is to generate new ideas, new research topics, and new modeling applications for existing marketing problems. The seminar is meant to provide an overview of marketing models and will only cover selective research using marketing models. The seminar will facilitate their learning of methodologies. Participants are expected to fully get into the research rigor of modeling in the readings, assignments, and research proposals. Participants are also expected to attend presentations involving marketing models by visiting speakers and candidates and be prepared to discuss the presentation material in class. Occasionally, external speakers will make research presentations in the marketing department. If relevant, such presentations could be made part of this seminar and participants would be required to treat such presentations as one of the classes.